Founded in January 2012 by Sofia Delgado, Instagramers Dublin is the official community of Instagramers in Dublin part of Instagramers worldwide network, the biggest mobile photography community using the Instagram app.

Instagramers Dublin is an inclusive and active community supporting local Instagramers through the promotion of their work in our network.  But we are more than just that, we are a community in the true sense of the word; by bringing people together face to face under a shared dual purpose; the love of photography and the love of Dublin.

IgersDublin wants you to unleash your creative side. Our meet-ups will help you capture that moment, share tips, exchange views and meet fun like-minded people just like you. We will strive to push you to be the best photographer even when you think you are the least talented.

We are a growing community that showcases and curates artistic pictures telling compelling stories about our beautiful fair city. Our promise is to get you hooked and keep you hooked!

We also work on projects with brands to promote them through our unique style of mobile photography and advertising.


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